MW3 Aged Activision Account (Steam)

MW3 Aged Activision Account (Steam) image

Level 0-55


Level 55-100


Level 100-200


Level 200-300


Level 300-400


Level 400-500


Level 500-650


- These accounts come with 1 hour warranty, no replacements/refunds if you do not reach out within the first hour of buying
- The quality of the account gets better the more skins the account has.
- I do not log-in to the account. If someone is on the account it is the OG owner as they are NFA (NON FULL ACCESS)
- May or may not have stock of some at certain times
- NFA means you wont have it forever, might only last a few days, weeks, or might last a month
- These accounts are not full access and can be taken back at any time. These are not Steam/Battlenet accounts & you will need to get a fresh Steam/Battlenet account that doesn't have an Activision account linked to it (needs to be number verified).